Cherilynn Veland, LCSW, MSW


"My focus is to help every individual make positive change happen - to help them create a better life for themselves. It is so fulfilling to be part of such an important process."

Crisis and Life Transition Counseling

Helping clients get through a difficult time or a big life transition is enormously satisfying for me. A personal crisis is a critical moment in people’s lives.

Counseling or therapy can be very useful at helping to support people at these times and helping them to work through their problems in a way that is helpful in the long term.

An example of a situation where counseling may be beneficial is if someone is suffering the following symptoms or circumstances:

1. Anxiety

2. Panic attacks

3. Loss of a relationship

4. Job loss/economic Change

5. Relationship difficulties

6. Depression

7. Substance abuse

Usually, people decide to get into therapy or counseling when they are in a crisis. I see personal crisis as an opportunity to work through necessary things that ordinarily don’t break to the service. My experience is that effective counseling can really accelerate the solution to crisis situations.